Speaker Series - Kim Tran, PhD

What is the BA Speaker Series?:

The BA Speakers Series hosts PhDs that have transitioned to non-academic careers and experts that help PhDs in this process. Each day of the series we will have a speaker from a different field who will give their insights on transitioning out of academia, what it is like to work in their field of expertise and strategies for building transferable skills such as networking. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to these experts as part of an informal discussion during this event. Join us for the first event of this series! Details below.


October 28th, 2020. 5-6pm.


Zoom. RSVP for Zoom details. Attendance will be capped at the first 30 RSVPs in order to promote discussion.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Kim Tran is a facilitator, writer and organizer whose work centers a simple concept, “be the person you needed when you were younger”. In 2008, Kim was one of a handful of people who established the LGBTQ Youth Space, a therapeutic safe space for queer youth in the South Bay Area. In 2017, Kim was a core planner for Hai Ba Trung Organizing School for Organizing, a social justice incubator run by Viet Unity. In her consulting practice, she approaches organizational change from a practical, liberatory perspective. For over a decade, Kim has facilitated trans inclusion and racial equity trainings for a wide array of organizations including Stanford University, the United States Consulate and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Kim holds a Ph.D in Ethnic Studies from UC Berkeley. Her writing has been featured in Vice, Teen Vogue, PRI, and Ms. Magazine. She is currently writing a book manuscript titled: The End of Allyship: A New Era of Solidarity.


PhD in Ethnic Studies; Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Consulting; Intersectional Solutions, Research and Writing

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