Speaker Series - Cheri Ackerman, PhD

Cheri Ackerman

What is the BA Speaker Series?:

The BA Speakers Series hosts PhDs that have transitioned to non-academic careers and experts that help PhDs in this process. Each day of the series we will have a speaker from a different field who will give their insights on transitioning out of academia, what it is like to work in their field of expertise and strategies for building transferable skills such as networking. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to these experts as part of an informal discussion during this event. Details below.


December 3rd, 12-1pm


Zoom. RSVP for Zoom details. Attendance will be capped at the first 30 RSVPs in order to promote discussion.

Speaker Bio:

Cheri AckermanĀ is co-founder and CEO of Concerto Biosciences. Previously, she was an NIH Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow working with Professor Paul Blainey at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She is passionate about solving high-impact problems in a way that promotes health and wholeness for everyone impacted by the solution. Ackerman earned her Ph.D. in chemistry as a Hertz Fellow at UC Berkeley where she also served on the Chemistry Graduate Life Committee. She holds a B.S. in biochemistry and Spanish from Calvin University. Concerto Biosciences discovers microbial ensembles: specific combinations of microbes that, by working in concert, perform useful tasks. Ensembles could be used to address urgent global challenges in a range of markets from the food industry to healthcare.


PhD in Chemistry; Public Health; Entrepreneurship

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