Beyond Academia Speaker Series

October 28th, 2020

Kim Tran, PhD will offer her insights on transitioning out of academia, her work as a consultant and author, and more!

Professional Profile Clinic

November 20th, 2020

Curious about how to properly update your professional profile? Join us to learn more about LinkedIn, have professionals revise your CV or resumé, and more!

Our mission

To educate people in academia on their non-academic career options

Many grad students feel that academia is their only career option. We help people explore all their options in an honest and low-pressure environment.

To help PhDs see how their skills and knowlege translate outside of academia.

PhDs acquire highly valuable skills during their training, but often people think the skills only apply to academia. We help people see beyond this.

Our values


We're not against academic careers. We just want PhDs to know it's not their only option.

All disciplines

We work for all PhDs, regardless of their field: Humanities, Social Science or STEM.